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Accepted Papers

The following papers has been accepted for oral presentation at SocInf 2015:
  1. Influence maximization based on the least influential spreaders (download)
    Didier Vega-Oliveros, Lilian Berton, Alneu de Andrade Lopes and Francisco Rodrigues

  2. Influence Maximization in Human-Intervened Social Networks (download)
    Qyou You, Weiming Hu and Ou Wu

  3. A Novel Metric for Assessing User Influence based on User Behaviour (download)
    Antonela Tommasel and Daniela Godoy

  4. Influential Analysis in Micro Scholar Social Networks (download)
    Li Weigang, Icaro Dantas, Ahmed Abdelfattah Saleh and Daniel Li

  5. A Constrained Multi-view Clustering Approach to Influence Role Detection (download)
    Chengyao Chen and Wenjie Li

  6. Collective Learning in Games through Social Networks (download)
    Nina Gierasimczuk and Sanne Kosterman